Challenge Ropes Course
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“What activity will best meld my team, and inspire and motivate us for the challenges ahead?” Our answer: the Challenge Ropes Course, situated in an exceptionally beautiful setting in the redwoods of the Chaminade Conference Center in Santa Cruz, California.

Outdoor Learning Lab

The Challenge Course functions as an outdoor learning lab in which individuals and teams learn and grow by reframing challenges into opportunities. Our ropes course is designed to powerfully reflect the challenges groups face in working together: strategy, coaching, teamwork, goal setting, implementation and time pressures. Utilizing a real-life environment, a “fantastic jungle gym” in the trees, creates a remarkable natural metaphor for flexibility, adaptability and growth.

Seemingly unachievable tasks are accomplished and celebrated through team support, coaching, and focusing on desired goals. Participants explore new ways of responding and make the connection to work challenges through well facilitated discussions.

Participation in the Challenge Course does not require special physical conditioning. The course consists of both low, ground–based events and high events that involve climbing while held securely via rope systems monitored by team members. Individuals freely decide how they can best participate, given their own desires and capabilities.

We work with you to design your day based on your team objectives, incorporating activities such as Spider Web, Wild Woozy, Balance Pole, and Giant’s Ladder to move your team competently through the stages of active learning.