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Reach for the Summit™ Overview: A Virtual Mountain Climb

Need to unite your team to achieve a difficult goal in a changing environment? Benefit from the powerful, shared experience of climbing a high mountain without leaving the comfort of your conference room. Reach for the Summit™ is an interactive, video–based mountain climb that tests individual and team performance under pressure. Teams are challenged with real–life scenarios, using footage shot by Peak Teams in the New Zealand Southern Alps.

How Peak Teamsí Reach For the Summit™ Works

Comprised of three stages—Set Up, Base Camp and Summit—the objective of this program is to reach the highest peak in the fastest time, at the lowest cost, with as many climbers as possible. This requires each team to sustain performance while managing a budget, making decisions in a limited time frame … and dealing with people issues, such as losing key team members halfway up the mountain. As the virtual climb unfolds, participants realize that they hold the clues to achieving their own goals—as well as their team and community goals.

Participants become highly engaged in the experience and benefit from continuous learning as they progress toward the summit. Expert facilitation in applying these learnings provides an effective and compelling debrief.

Creative support material enhances and reinforces the journey toward success. Themed journals are provided to record team discussion and reflection; individual cards allow personalized learnings and commitments; managers are given "thought maps" to post in the office as visual reminders of the event. We highly recommend an inspiring keynote given by Rex Pemberton, the youngest Australian to climb all seven summits, including Mt. Everest. The program runs 4–8 hours in length, depending on desired outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop inspired and motivated individual leadership
  • Evolve cohesive teamwork, spirit and trust
  • Build effective communication and decision–making skills
  • Practice high–performance behaviors under pressure in a changing environment

Clients Say

"In 25 years of working with the world's leading technology companies, I've conducted many leadership development events. 'Reach for the Summit' is one of the most memorable because of its ability not only to engage and excite our executives but also because it facilitated conversations very relevant to our goals and challenges. It made a significant difference in our offsite." –Lisa Cavallaro, Sr. Manager, World Wide Leadership Development, Cisco Systems