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LiquidAssets™ Overview

LiquidAssets™ creates a fun—and assumption–questioning—context for examining the challenges that managers and team members face (and often unintentionally create) in a multifaceted organization. LiquidAssets™ facilitates a deep understanding of personal leadership, regardless of title or responsibilities. In a few hours, your group will experience the power of a unified team, aligned and focused toward one goal!

Who Benefits

  • Departments challenged with communication and understanding between levels
  • Entire organizations that need to come together under a shared vision
  • Cross departments that are having difficulties working together and are "siloed"
  • Geographically dispersed teams that need to increase interdependencies

How LiquidAssets™ Works

LiquidAssets™ simulates executives, middle managers and production teams operating as one overall organization to deliver a new product, a valuable liquid substance, to market within an ambitious time frame. Production teams solve complex problems in acquiring and transporting raw materials from the center of a force field circle through a hidden path to market, using cans, ropes, inner tubes, rubber tiles and walkie–talkies. Resources are negotiated through the chain of command; managers, not surprisingly, are caught in the middle.

Each level in the simulated organization develops its own perspective on the issues, and typically forms a limited and frustrated view of the efforts and concerns of other parts of the organization. After a facilitated mid–session offsite, in which participants begin to understand the issues from various perspectives, work becomes dramatically more focused. Teams learn to share information and resources, and operate with new energy stemming from a sense of alignment toward a common goal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the value and process of collaborating across teams and geographies
  • Explore the importance of communication up, down and across teams and boundaries
  • Gain new perspective and empathy for various roles in an organization
  • Practice creative problem–solving skills in a team environment

Clients Say

"We've been working with Synergy for over seven years to provide an experience that was going to challenge and engage our smart, confident and driven new hires as part of our ongoing leadership development program. LiquidAssets is a powerful learning experience that shows the need to check assumptions, think proactively and work together toward successful outcomes and is consistently rated one of the highest rated activities with many hundred of our employees." –Frank O'Connor, VP of Staff Development and Training Turner Construction Company