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Everest™ Overview: A Virtual Mountain Climb

Align your team behind a compelling vision or a common goal in a changing environment. Peak Teams' Everest™ is a dynamic and inspiring workshop for leaders and teams, designed to complement and build on insights from the Reach for the Summit™ program.

The Everest workshop combines spectacular video footage with Peak Teams' world–first interactive video technology to create a powerful learning experience. Filmed on Everest in 2005 using handheld cameras, these videos create an exciting environment as teams progress through the real mountaineering challenges of a Himalayan climbing season.

How Peak Teams' Everest™ Works

The primary objective of Everest™ is for multiple teams to come together as one expedition to reach the summit of the world's highest peak, and return safely. As teams journey to Base Camp and beyond, they are challenged by four key questions:

  1. As individuals, for what will we be accountable?
  2. As a team, what will we take pride in achieving?
  3. As leaders, how will we foster ongoing commitment to a project of this size and pace?
  4. As a community, how do we build trusted relationships while getting on with the job?

Each team establishes a set of Guiding Principles, appoints a leader and agrees on a decision–making process (culture). The larger group then agrees on a Guiding Company to hire for their expedition. The entire group comes together in a powerful and compelling Sherpa Puja Ceremony to unite teams toward their common goal (alignment).

Acclimatization means stopping to look, listen and learn in order to advance to the next level. This critical skill assists in improving internal processes and overall performance in a changing environment.

Debrief and Business Application: Customized to your needs and goals, debrief can run from 15 minutes to several hours. Individuals record thoughts and insights from the program, teams discuss and record group learnings, and the large group shares key takeaways and commitments. Synergy's trained facilitators integrate proven learning methods and support materials to enhance your team's learning outcomes.

Inspirational Closing: Whether reaching the summit of Mt Everest, skiing remote peaks on all seven continents or overcoming a fear of heights, our presenters' inspirational stories close your event with high energy.

Learning Outcomes

Participants gain valuable understanding of the elements needed to succeed at one of the greatest challenges on earth:

  • Launch a compelling vision
  • Align and engage multiple teams through shared principles and behaviors
  • Build a strong culture that embraces diversity and social responsibility
  • Increase leadership capabilities
  • Utilize Team PACT – unite teams through Passion, Accountability, Commitment and Trust

Clients Say

"We utilized Synergy's Everest program, focusing on applying our core values to ensure team effectiveness, high quality decisions and organizational alignment. It made a difference in moving my organization forward toward continued success, and I recommend this program for any organization looking for a unique and engaging leadership development process." –Joe D'Alessandro, President & CEO, San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau