Team Simulations Overview

Provide participants with adaptive skills and insights into the structure of their organization…and their roles in that structure.

What Happens in a Simulation?

Synergy’s simulations engage participants in "live" scenarios or situations that require them to perform within a structure similar to their department or company—but in a very different environment. Whether climbing mountains, creating a cohesive mural, building a boat or delivering a liquid product in a specific hue, the essential focus is the same as your company’s—to achieve difficult goals in a changing environment with limited information, budget and time.

Participants are encouraged to play different roles than their actual positions, to “walk the walk” of their functional counterparts. While tasks differ from their daily work, participants’ behaviors in the simulation are generally the same behaviors that occur at work in similar circumstances. Because the simulation creates just enough distance from the “real” workplace barriers, participants can see how their behavior and processes impact others…and the system as a whole.


The "larger view" provided by Synergy simulations leads to a deeper and more holistic understanding, enabling people to make choices and take actions with better perception of the implications and consequences.

An organization is as powerful as its collective individuals; “growing” self-aware, productive people helps to build a resilient organization that is sustainable during change.

Simulations are 3-hour to full-day programs, and can also be a part of a larger conference or Leadership Program.