Team Service Overview

Bring your team values to life—the heart of business.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to see the direct impact of your actions. Our Service Learning teambuilding-with-a-heart programs encourage participants to put their values into action while training in specific business and organizational skills—through philanthropy.

Service Learning programs go beyond the hypothetical to uncover the meaning of service…and its connection to customer service. People uncover the values that drive their individual performance and expand these values to the larger community. Your group is enriched by the joy of creating something real.

Participants work together to design, build and perfect a particular product, then see a group of ‘real’ customers receive the fruits of their efforts. The gift of giving transforms and energizes your team and reinforces their commitment.

Model corporate social responsibility in the microcosm. Your team can serve the interests of employees, customer, suppliers, stakeholders, and society. Match a Service Learning team building program with your desired outcomes and your philanthropy of choice, and watch your team’s output flourish and grow.

Available in half to full-day sessions, or use as a building block for a longer conference or offsite.