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Life Cycles™ Overview

Bring your team's values to life! Increase the value you provide your customers by building your team's ability to connect with broader goals and values you all share. Life Cycles™ is an exceptional Odyssey Teams™ workshop that reinforces business and organizational skills through practical philanthropic activity.

Through the "Life Cycle" of creating something valuable and passing it on, your team experiences firsthand the influence of their actions, integrity, attention and intention on their work. Participants incorporate the takeaways of this experience in their bones and emerge with a new level of commitment. They discover just how much they get in return from the simple act of giving.

How Life Cycles™ Works

After experiential assessments and reflection, the group divides into smaller teams to begin a series of problem–solving exercises used as metaphors for effective teamwork, mirroring workplace constraints of limited time, tools and expertise.

Each successful problem completion yields new learnings that can be applied to the final activity— building a bike. A facilitated debrief articulates the metaphors of this experience and connects back to personal and work life, reinforcing the deep impact of the collaborative building process.

The bicycles are donated to young people selected through our partnership with The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Your group is aware of the learning outcomes of the training; however, you can choose to keep the bikes and children a secret for additional "punch" at the close.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build a strong culture that embraces diversity and social responsibility
  • Cultivate adaptability, responsiveness to change, full engagement
  • Develop the strategic benefits of interdependence and collaboration
  • Reconnect your team to the larger community; benefit from a larger perspective
  • Produce a ripple effect; "pay it forward"

Clients Say

"We saw it as a bike, at first…but when you look through the eyes of your 'customers,' it's a whole lot more." –Workshop Participant

Resource Requirements

Indoor or outdoor activity; materials and facilitation provided.