Challenge Ropes Course Low Event

Spider Web

The Spider Web is by the far most effective learning activity on the course for teams to explore communication and leadership styles. The activity is lively and the debrief rich—and the photo ops are great as well!

Large webs of line are constructed with holes of various shapes and sizes. Each web forms a leg of a square. Teams are divided into smaller groups, each with a project leader. The objective is to establish a goal for the maximum number of people they can pass through two webs in 6 minutes, and to then implement their plan. Inherent in this activity is the tension between competition and cooperation: Are we one organization or multiple small teams?

The more collaborative the small groups are, the more success they achieveŚwith obvious organizational parallels. Spider Web challenges groups to use good teaming skills or face limited success!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Value of effective planning
  • Importance of collaboration and cooperation across boundaries
  • Exploring communication and leadership in teams

Wild Woozy

The Wild Woozy is a low ropes trust–builder, a powerful activity to begin a program and prepare for climbing in the trees. Pairs are confronted with their ability to let go and “lean in,” trusting that their partner (and the spotters) will support them. Two diverging cables are suspended at knee height in a V. Each partner stands on one of the cables, facing the other on the opposite cable. Clasping hands, partners work together to traverse down the cables.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Exploring trust and support
  • Communication in partnerships
  • Learning from others’ experiences