Challenge Ropes Course FAQ

About your ropes course: I have team members that have a fear of heights. Should I consider something else?

We welcome all capabilities on our course. In fact, many of us in this business have this fear too! After all, it’s not an absence of fear that we’re seeking, it’s how to work together and support one another to achieve goals. Often, the most fearful participants have the most powerful and enjoyable experiences.

Does the ropes course require individuals to be physically fit?

No, our challenge course emphasizes inclusion for all! There are numerous roles to fill on our course so that people of all shapes and sizes can participate, contribute, be engaged and have maximum enjoyment. Though to ensure safety there are certain conditions that restrict individuals from climbing — these include but are not limited to: current pregnancy, weight in excess of 275 pounds, recent injury or surgery, heart conditions, and organ transplants. However, just like a work project numerous functions must be filled, so even people who don't climb are encouraged to explore one of the many other ways to participate, including belaying, coaching, strategizing, and other ground based roles.

Isn’t this stuff kind of passé?

Only if you consider teamwork, inspiration, and commitment to be old and tired. And we’re continually applying new designs, challenges and models that map to today and tomorrow’s organizations.

Ropes, harnesses, helmets…sounds dangerous!

Actuarial tables show that driving a car is actually much more risky than ropes courses. More than 10,000 people have participated on our course, and our safety record is impeccable.

What does climbing in trees have to do with developing leadership and work teams?

Everything. As we often say, it’s not the act of the ropes course that we’re interested in, it’s the process: goal setting, planning, strategizing, coaching, overcoming preconceived notions, and implementation. The key is in how it’s designed and facilitated.

Do you offer other things besides the ropes course?

Absolutely. Though the ropes course is one of our favorites, it’s actually a very small percentage of our work. We have many other innovative and powerful programs and activities. Contact us for more info.

Have more questions? Contact us—we enjoy inquiry!