Team FAQs

What sets Synergy apart from other experiential learning providers?

We have worked with organizations for more than 20 years and have learned from experience. We’ve worked in nearly every business sector—and know that each is unique. We know that organizations are made of successful, bright, driven people who thrive on challenge. We know that skillful leadership and teamwork take practice. We know that people are often seeking ways to be more connected and fulfilled. We know that individuals and groups must be respected and regularly celebrated. Stated simply: We know how to help create great organizations.

Where are Synergy programs located?

Everywhere! We bring our programs to your location. All activities are portable, with the exception of our Challenge Ropes Course (located at Chaminade Conference Center in Santa Cruz, California) We can (and have) conducted programs in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We can often recommend tried-and-true locations in your area. We are based out of Santa Cruz, California, so we know Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area especially well.

Do Synergy programs require special physical conditioning?

Absolutely not. We design our programs to have something for everyone; individuals are allowed the freedom to choose how they wish to participate. Our programs run the gamut of physicality, from conference room-based sedentary to over-the-top outdoor adrenaline, depending on your team and desired outcomes.

I’m the manager of the group—should I participate?

Definitely. This is a great opportunity for you and your team to get to know each other better. Your participation gives your motivations transparency and helps build a basis of trust with your team.

Does this stuff really work?

Yes, particularly if you are willing to support it back at work. Your team will be freshly motivated and inspired, with new skills and effective relationship-building to practice. We can help you with follow-up to make certain your investment sticks!

I have a team that has done lots of teambuilding—I don’t want anyone saying “been there, done that.” How are your programs new and different?

We value creativity and innovation and spend a significant amount of our budget researching new and different activities and methodologies. We don’t want anything old and tired either! Even our ropes course uses a very different approach and design. If we sense disengagement, we make on-the-spot revision. Years of experience help us build and refine activities to engage and enliven your team.

Why do you want to speak with our leader(s) before the program?

We want to be certain that your investment in this training is aligned with your desired goals and outcomes, which are often best heard from the leader. We also want to be certain that you have a chance to raise any questions or concerns before we work together.

We are a group of very senior executives—have you worked with this level before?

Yes, many times. We realize that each level of an organization has its own challenges and needs, and we tailor our programs and facilitation accordingly. What works well with an executive team may not address the concerns of a front line manager or provide substance for your sales group. We customize each program for your team’s specific challenges and goals—one reason we talk with leaders and other principals in your organization during the design phase.

How many people can your programs accommodate?

We can accommodate groups ranging from 4 to more than 500 people.

Over 500? How do you facilitate that many people?

Cleverly! At Synergy, we are masters of the large group meeting. One way is to have small groups of people have discussions to keep the learnings alive and, time permitting, share out the information with the large group to ensure maximum interaction. However, we won’t mislead you—500 people will receive the same in-depth learning as a group of 30.

I have a group of engineers that are very analytic, are your programs touchy-feely?

We often laugh when we hear that question! No, we usually don’t sing Kumbaya or have group hugs on our programs. We do believe that having fun together and honest galvanizing conversations don’t have to be mutually exclusive nor should it be a therapy experience! We never put people on the spot or try to have people really tell one another what they think about each other—it’s inappropriate and outside what you’ve contracted with us to accomplish. And we always include different methodologies in our programs to accommodate different learning styles.