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MasterMind™ Overview

For groups who want to build capability to prioritize and strategize, MasterMind™ is for you! In MasterMind™, teams are given more tasks than are possible to complete within the allotted time. Teams must evaluate their resources and make a plan; the winner is the team that can strategize, prioritize and communicate most effectively. An intellectual and playful competition to reinforce learnings…and get your team fired up!

Who Benefits

  • Meetings that need an energizing and engaging activity that brings people together
  • Groups that must prioritize multiple activities and decide which will have the greatest return
  • Teams that must quickly match skill with task to create maximum output
  • Groups that need an increase in familiarity and "ice breaking"

How MasterMind™ Works

Teams of up to 12 people are given a box containing 15 different subjective and objective challenges chosen to utilize all parts of the brain. Each challenge is scored based on completion or on "judging" at the end.

  • Intellectual – Develop flexible thinking with puzzles and brainteasers.
  • Building – Design and build towers and various contraptions within given constraints.
  • Creative – Receive points from judges for best Makeover, Human Machine or Team Talent Challenge.
  • Verbal – Think on your feet to complete verbal picture puzzles, write haikus or come up with palindromes.

Effective in small groups and even better with larger groups, energy and engagement run high in the MasterMind Olympics™, with challenges complex enough to engage the highest level of any organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Expand mental acuity and agility
  • Develop your team's ability to strategize and prioritize
  • Practice direct, clear communication
  • Build productive responses in pressured situations

Clients Say

"We've utilized Synergy's services over the past couple of years and it's been a consistent win every time. Most recently they provided a MasterMind Olympics™ activity for our library employees, who are smart, analytical and discerning. It exceeded our expectations and created a great start to our conference by increasing familiarity and connections. The activities were intelligent and challenging and encouraged people to stretch their comfort zone."
                          –Lisa St. John, Director, Cooley Godward Kronish LLP