Team Creativity Overview

Step into the future of collective intelligence.

How do teams generate new ideas? Where do great ideas come from? Is your team satisfied with "good enough"? Prime your team to stretch, to break convention, to innovate…to expect greatness.

Creativity tune-up

Fresh, practical, small-scale solutions can be as useful as big, groundbreaking ideas—and the energy and ability to think creatively is key. Activate and energize your team's innate wisdom and inventiveness with an experiential "creativity tune-up." Don’t allow your team to be a casualty of bureaucracy, inertia, or "the way it’s always been."

Synergy's well-honed innovation programs stimulate individual imagination and group originality. Check out our newest brainstorm, AdVision! FilmFest and AdVision utilize movie cameras; BigPicture is an art simulation with lasting results. Launch and Neptune’s Crossing involve construction and collaboration, and MasterMind is a sort of complex and intellectual Olympics for mind and body.


Maintain a high level of team energy and ideas, strengthen dynamic team synergy, be ready and able to face organizational transformation efforts. Encourage open minds, facilitate productive communication and passionate collaboration. Be playful, team-full, resourceful!