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PowerBall™ Overview

Executing plans across several groups in an organization is often marred by loosely defined agreements and gaps in communication. We created PowerBall™ to help participants learn new strategies for implementing complex projects involving several teams. PowerBall™ surfaces the challenges faced when coordinating multiple teams in an overall project, and provides context to practice effective cross–functional communication and to develop skills for streamlining processes across teams.

How PowerBall™ Works

PowerBall™ simulates an organization with multiple project teams focusing on customer expectations, processes, production and time–to–market goals, budgets, revenue and expected gross margins.

The objective is to build a system to deliver a large quantity of PowerBalls (marbles) using PVC pipes, connectors and other materials. Each team's subsystem is independently built to customer specifications before linking them together to form an overall system.

Teams often forget that they must integrate their individual solutions into one overall system, which initially results in chaos. When teams are redirected to focus on working collaboratively in their planning and implementation processes, chaos quickly transforms into productivity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build effective communication and decision making
  • Develop the strategic benefits of interdependence
  • Practice creative problem–solving skills as a team
  • Enhance high–performance behaviors under pressure

Resource Requirements

Indoor or outdoor activity; materials and facilitation provided.