Neptune's Crossing
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Neptune's Crossing™ OVERVIEW

Is your company looking toward a challenging frontier and striving to meet customers’ increasingly complex requirements? Neptune’sCrossing™ spotlights the type of coordinated organizational effort needed to realize your organization’s aspirations. Neptune’sCrossing™ is a challenging, seemingly competitive—but ultimately collaborative—simulation that requires participants to work well within teams as well as across the organization.

HOW Neptune’s Crossing™ WORKS

Key customers come to you with a challenging project and a short timeline for completion: producing a fleet of seaworthy boats made to customer specifications.

The group is divided into multiple project teams with various roles. Teams explore and communicate customer needs throughout the organization. With the finest resources available—cardboard, plastic, foam, tape, etc.—each project team builds a quality boat to contribute to the overall fleet. Resources come at a price, and teams must work within budget.

A customer demo at the end of the fourth quarter demonstrates that the entire fleet can float at least one person across a body of water (a pool, in most cases), and floating 2 people per boat will impress the customer for sure! Teams often create good–natured competition in a paddle race to decide the fastest boat. The customer also expects dazzling and creative marketing presentations from each team.

The success of your organization rests on its ability to effectively serve customers, drive schedules, make the numbers, and coordinate work across departmental boundaries.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice creative problem–solving skills as a team
  • Understand the strategic benefits of interdependence
  • Develop your team's ability to coordinate across boundaries and work within budget
  • Increase customer focus and service
  • Reframe challenges as opportunities for individual and team growth

Clients Say

"The group made a lot of progress in understanding itself last week–in no small part to the teambuilding exercise. Thank you again for a powerful and revealing experience. I always enjoy working with you guys." –Kathy Roskos, Nektar Therapeutic

Resource Requirements

Indoor or outdoor activity; materials and facilitation provided. 4–hour minimum.