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Geoteaming™ Overview

Utilizing the latest technology and building on people's intrinsic need for fun and connectivity, Geoteaming™ immerses participants in an adventure requiring team skills and collaboration for success. The most effective teambuilding experiences offer experiential learning; with Geoteaming, it's all hands on!

Who Benefits

  • Meetings that need an energizing and engaging activity that brings people together
  • Groups that prioritize multiple activities and decide which will have the greatest return
  • Teams that must quickly match skill with task to create maximum output
  • Groups that need an increase in familiarity and "ice breaking"

How Geoteaming™ Works

Geoteaming™ uses technology to create adventure for teams in both urban and rural settings. Geoteaming™ uses the gadgets people love to get their hands on: GPS receivers, Pocket PCs, 2–way radios and digital cameras. Based on the sport of Geocaching, teams are challenged to locate hidden containers worth various revenue amounts. Teams decipher visual and written clues to chart their course … then it's up to them to design and execute a strategy to achieve their team and company goals.

Advanced Team Training Engages and Inspires

At Synergy, we believe that people are intrinsically smart and that they have more fun when they are challenged. Geoteaming™ works on this principle. The clues are ingenious, the goals challenging; success requires each person's unique contribution. Not your parents' goofy scavenger hunt, this high–tech learning adventure has direct application to your work environment, expertly highlighted by a trained facilitator in the final debrief.

Multiple options are available for customization, from designs that explore the importance and challenge of cross–team collaboration to designs for straight–out competition. We also offer designs based on the game of Clue. It is rumored that the next design includes iPhones, so stay tuned!

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop your strategy "muscles"
  • Understand the process of collaborating across teams and geographies
  • Explore the importance of communication up, down and across teams and boundaries
  • Practice effective planning and execution as a team

Clients Say

"What an eye–opening experience! It was amazing to see the group momentum shift from an individual team position of win–at–any–cost to one of collaboration and mindfulness of the entire company goal. It created a radical shift in our thinking that continues to affect how we approach our work."–Sid Jhaveri, Director of Global Quality Assurance, Starbucks