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The Circuit™ Overview

The Circuit™ is your choice when looking for a short, dynamic, energetic outdoor teambuilding program to bring your group together. Participants challenge themselves and their teams to complete a series of trials. No boring, company–picnic activities here! Each challenge utilizes different skills and requires teams to evaluate their resources and coordinate a plan.

How The Circuit™ Works

We offer two broad frameworks for design and facilitation of your Circuit™, depending on your learning outcomes:

  • Competition – Variable points (or deductions) are received for each activity; teams compete against each other
  • Learning Focus – Facilitated for collaboration, creativity, communication and leadership skills

Depending on your objectives, we mix and match options that echo your group's challenges and reinforce desired learning outcomes. We design a blend of physical and mental challenges to accommodate all capabilities and learning styles inclusively.

Options feature energizing fun and a range of difficulty. A combination of the options will form a 2–4 hour Circuit challenge for your group; other options available on request.

Sample Challenges – and we have many more –

  • SATELLITE DISC – Three bamboo posts are 20 feet apart with 5 discs of different sizes on the first post. Move all 5 discs to the 3rd pole, in the same order following activity constraints.
  • SHELTER BUILD – Construct a tent with your team. The challenge: only blindfolded team members can touch the materials.
  • MINDFIELD – Navigate the mindfield blindfolded and retrieve the combination to the treasure chest with the help of your team. The mindfield is full of hazards—touch one and lose points.
  • THE LAUNCH – Build a catapult or trebuchet–type launcher from various provided materials, able to shoot an object within a target area.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practice creative problem–solving skills as a team
  • Apply adaptability, flexibility and collaboration
  • Develop the strategic benefits of interdependence
  • Effective communication and decision making
  • High performance behaviors under pressure

Clients Say

"Synergy's Team Circuit™ was a really fun and active way to bring our international and geographically dispersed team together. We got to know each other much better and walked away with a better idea of our strengths as a team." –Shawn Wiggins, Cisco Systems

Resource Requirements

Outdoor activity, can be customized for indoor; materials and facilitation provided.