Outdoor Team Building

Looking for a powerful team building program that will get your team outside? Look no further.

Below you will find an alphabetical list of our most popular outdoor team building programs. All of these programs, with the exception of the Challenge Ropes Course, are portable, so we can come to a location that is convenient for you. Our various programs offer a wide range of options, and can accommodate groups from 4 to 500+ people.

Click on any one of the links for additional information. We can also customize team building activities to meet your specific needs. Contact us for a price quote or more information on any of our programs.

Action Steps thumbnail

Action Steps™

Fast forward your team's process of effective forming. Action Steps takes participants through a series of increasingly difficult challenges that are equal parts fun, engaging, and impactful…more

Challenge Ropes Course thumbnail

Challenge Ropes Course™

Explore active learning at Synergy’s “learning lab in the redwoods,” integrating and motivating your team to meet upcoming opportunities. The Challenge Ropes Course, a natural metaphor for flexibility, adaptability and growth, has both high and low activities and does not require special physical conditioning. Build skills in coaching, decision-making, risk-taking and support…more

Circuit thumbnail


The Circuit’s popular dynamic outdoor teambuilding uses innovative challenges to unify your group. Participants are stretched to complete a series of activities utilizing different skills and inclusive of all learning styles and capabilities. No boring, company-picnic activities here! Customized to your group goals, choose options for a 2- to 4-hour program…more

Geoteaming thumbnail


Develop your strategy “muscles.” Not your parents’ goofy scavenger hunt, Geoteaming is adult, high–tech adventure! Built on our intrinsic need for fun and connectivity and utilizing the latest GPS technology, participants are on a mission that requires team skills and collaboration for success. Customizable for meetings, off-sites and teambuilding programs…more

The Launch thumbnail


Innovation and flexibility reign supreme in The Launch's lively and thought-provoking construction activity. Teams strategize, innovate, build and demo catapults made of PVC pipe. Compelling collaborative or competitive energizer for your conference or meeting…more

Liquid Assets thumbnail

Liquid Assets™

Liquid Assets creates a fun—and assumption-questioning—context for examining the challenges faced by managers and team members. Teams plan and collaborate to deliver a valuable liquid product to market. LiquidAssets allows your group to experience the heady power of a united team, aligned and focused toward one goal…more

Neptune's Crossing thumbnail

Neptune's Crossing™

Key customers ask your team to build seaworthy boats, with minimal resources and on a short timeline. (Sound familiar?) Neptune’sCrossing’s seemingly competitiveóbut ultimately collaborativeósimulation spotlights the coordinated organizational effort needed to effectively serve customers, drive schedules, make the numbers and coordinate work across departments…more

PowerBall thumbnail


PowerBall teams build systems to customer specs to deliver powerballs (marbles). The outdoor simulation effectively surfaces the challenges inherent in coordinating multiple teams on an overall project. Participants practice cross-functional communication and discover and integrate new strategies and skills to streamline processes across teams…more

The Quest thumbnail


Can your team be rescued from the Island of Confusion? No one is voted off, but the challenging, changing environment and uncertain outcomes mirror the ‘real world’ in The Quest’s adventurous outdoor simulation. With GPS & provisions, teams deal with setbacks, find clues and break the code that saves them. Useful for forming and cross-departmental teams…more