LipDub Team Challenge
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The LipDub Team Challenge™ Overview

The LipDub team challenge is a fun and unique way to grow as a team and practice working together effectively. Your team will be responsible for creating its own music video… in an unconventional, high energy, and engaging way. Equipped with all the necessary tools and guidelines, your team will set out to create a high quality lip dub: a one–shot video in which participants dance and lip–synch to a song, which will have the audio of the real song dubbed over in post production.

Who Benefits

  • Meetings that need an energizing and engaging activity that brings people together
  • Teams that must quickly match skill with task to create maximum output
  • Groups that need an increase in familiarity and "ice breaking"

How The LipDub Team Challenge™ Works

Teams are selected and assigned a song. They’re then given digital video cameras, Mp3 players pre–loaded with their selected song, and lyrics so everyone can learn the song. After receiving instructions for the overall project, each team is on its own to create the coolest "lip–dub" music video ever!

The best lip dubs often travel through different rooms and situations within a building or space. Each team member should be seen at least once while the camera travels through the planned route. To add to the challenge and excitement, they will all need to show up in the final scene as well.

Lip dubs have become popular in commercials, and there are a plethora of self made lip dubs on YouTube. A good lip dub could be described as having the characteristics, or at least the appearance, of spontaneity, authenticity, group participation and of course, fun!

This program takes approximately 4 hours with debrief.

Effective in small groups and even better with larger groups, energy and engagement run high in the LipDub Team Challenge™.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the value of collaborating across teams; identify opportunities
  • Practice creative problem–solving skills in a team environment
  • Develop the strategic benefits of interdependence
  • Reconnect and align your team toward a common goal
  • Unleash and stimulate your team’s creativity

Clients Say

"The Challenge: Engage a globally diverse Marketing team, who had not met face to face for 3 years, to connect and build business critical relationships. The Solution: Synergy Learning Systems LipDub activity. Energizing and engaging with tangible business outcomes." –Cameron Webb, Peak Teams

Resource Requirements

Indoor or outdoor activity; digital cameras and props provided.