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The FilmFest™ Overview

Does life in your organization sometimes feel like a Hollywood movie? FilmFest is designed around the idea that team projects can often feel as if we're all responsible for making scenes for the same movie, yet we produce the scenes in isolation and expect them to edit together smoothly. Filmfest's unique, creative and highly energetic teambuilding activity simulates and addresses this challenge. The stars are well known—they're your team!

How FilmFest™ Works

In just a few hours, your group will write, act, shoot and edit their own short film. Divided into 3 production teams, each team films scenes for the same movie—in different locations, with team members in the roles of writers, actors, directors, editors and shooters.

Each production team writes and produces 2 non–consecutive scenes that are edited together with the other teams' scenes to create one short film. Participants coordinate efforts within and between production teams to ensure that the flow, direction and message of the overall film is consistent, while adding their own creative touches.

Teams are given a digital camcorder, props and a professional editor to assist in the final product. We provide skeleton or draft plots from various genres (horror, adventure, documentary, comedy) or groups can create their own. Each movie weaves in themes customized to your organization's goals and challenges.

There are roles for all the different personalities of your team. Don't be surprised if a quiet team member suddenly flourishes in front of the camera!

The end result is an engaging, energized team learning experience that "shows" your team's ability to communicate. At the completion, we host a Film Festival complete with Academy Awards. You will have an entertaining, high–quality DVD to commemorate the experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the value of collaborating across teams; identify opportunities
  • Practice creative problem–solving skills in a team environment
  • Develop the strategic benefits of interdependence
  • Reconnect and align your team toward a common goal
  • Unleash and stimulate your team's creativity

Clients Say

"Synergy's FilmFest™ stands out as one of the best teambuilding programs our organization has ever done, and we've done nearly everything. Writing, filming, acting and editing a movie is not really in our skillset, but this program proved that with commitment and momentum, together we can accomplish great things." –VP of Marketing, Cisco Systems

Resource Requirements

Indoor or outdoor activity; digital cameras and props provided.