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Aligning people in an organization toward a unified strategic intent is a question companies face every day. BigPicture™ simulation opens participants' perceptions and demonstrates the need for strategic and operational alignment among functional areas, a must in capturing opportunities in today's marketplace.

BigPicture™ addresses collaboration across teams, the roles of leadership and vision, and the importance of flexible thinking to meet changing customer expectations and markets.

Who Benefits

  • Production teams that must work together to deliver a product
  • Organizations that must strategically unify
  • Cross departments that are having difficulties working together and are "siloed"
  • Teams that must interpret and execute complex and seemingly competing customer requirements

How BigPicture™ Works

In just a few hours, the BigPicture™ simulation engages a group to design, paint, color and assemble a mural. The goal is to enlarge pieces of a picture into a wall–sized mural that meets customer requirements. Participants are divided into regional groups representing production work teams, a management team and customers. Work teams are concerned with resolving issues of interdependencies regarding color, texture, scale, customer needs, costs and time to market. Managers drive their teams to meet milestones, ship dates and budgets, and to take ownership of the final product. Everyone has what they need to succeed, as long as they focus on the critical objectives and processes that create the BIG picture.

Despite detailed instructions, participants often do not immediately see what is necessary for success. Once teams are redirected to focus on what is important to accomplish the vision, frustration turns into coordinated action and productivity takes a quantum leap. The lessons learned are burned into the minds of the participants–they are now ready to apply these new insights into their own work practices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Realize the need for organizational alignment
  • Identify opportunities for horizontal communication
  • Develop the strategic benefits of interdependence
  • Highlight the importance of customer orientation

Facilitation Options

Big Picture™ is designed to be led by HR professionals or consultants. Synergy consultants are available to facilitate objective learning for your organization, or if you would prefer to lead it click here for more information about ordering a kit.

Clients Say

"The team building event was a huge success and I got a lot of positive feedback from my team. The activity helped us to take a step back and reflect on our own organization and the ways we could improve going forward. I would like to thank you personally for the effort you and your team put into this." –Prateek Kothar, Cisco Systems