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AdVision™ Overview

AdVision™ is a powerful opportunity for your team to practice and expand their skills in cross–team communication, delivering a unified message and meeting tight deadlines. In AdVision™, your group creates original, inventive ad copy and video that visually demonstrate the creative power of collaborative minds.

How AdVision™ Works

In just a few hours, your group writes, acts, films and helps to edit their own commercials. Digital camcorders, props and a professional editor are provided. Your group becomes one Production Company tasked with creating a campaign of three 60–second commercials that target a specific market segment.

  • Each Production Company divides into 3 production teams.
  • Each Production Company devises their product name, features, benefits and value proposition within the assigned category (software, pharmaceuticals, etc.) Categories are customized based on your input on company or department objectives.
  • Each Production Team creates one commercial to target different market segments, keeping in mind the need for a cohesive branding message for the series. (We design market segments representative of your clientele, but not too similar, to access creativity and generate fun.)
  • Production Teams create and deliver a brief marketing presentation before showing their ads at the First Annual AdVision™ Competition.
  • Teams are judged on:
    • Integrated branding: Cohesive branding throughout the campaign
    • Creativity: Product, set design, best use of phrase, writing, acting, and editing
    • Presentation: Most creative marketing pitch

The end result? An energetic, productive and memorable learning experience that boosts your team's ability to communicate and work across boundaries to deliver a product to market.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify opportunities to collaborate across teams
  • Practice creative problem–solving skills as a team
  • Reconnect and align your team toward a common goal
  • Develop the strategic benefits of interdependence
  • Unleash your team's creativity

Resource Requirements

Indoor or outdoor activity; digital cameras, props and a professional editor are provided.