Team Adventure Overview

Building individual capabilities to build teams.

Why adventure?

There is something about adventure that charges and invigorates us, though we’re no longer children playing pretend. The outcome is uncertain; we outwit real or perceived risks and hazards and success is not guaranteed. Adventure learning uses the unknown as a metaphor for today’s rapidly changing business climate.

The outdoors is the perfect classroom for learning about decision making, collaboration, goal setting, navigating ambiguity, and fortitude. People who go through challenging, adventurous outdoor experiences or simulations gain confidence, redefine their perceptions of personal possibilities, demonstrate deeper compassion, and develop a spirit of camaraderie with their peers.

Take action. Dare to try.

People can have remarkable energy for change when they can clearly see the transformed version of themselves emerging from the process. Adventure programs vividly illustrate that we can do more…and be more…than we think!

Fuel new energy and unify your team behind an outstanding team experience. Our adventure programs are both ambitious and realistic, balancing challenge and mastery. Support your team in building the individual accountability, collaborative mentality and staying power characteristic of strong, adaptable, exceptional teams.

The Challenge Ropes Course, Circuit, Quest and Geoteaming are outdoor programs; Everest, Reach for the Summit and Sea of Change are virtual adventures using actual video footage. Contact us to customize an adventure program for your team’s needs and goals.