Sea of Change
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Sea of Change™ Overview

ROI? Customer service? The highly competitive surfing industry is the metaphor for Sea of Change's interactive video simulation with surfer/presenter Mark Mathews. Your team glides smoothly over the competition when they develop strong relationships with photographers, media and PR people, in order to deliver sound return on investment to sponsors.

How Sea of Change™ Works

To succeed in the competitive multi–billion dollar surf industry, professional surfers must adapt to rapid change, distinguish themselves clearly for sponsors and work effectively in virtual teams. Your virtual surfing team is made up of individuals who do not work together directly but who need each other to succeed, such as photographers, swell forecasters, media and PR people—your internal clients.

Sea of Change’s dynamic interactive adventure combines spectacular footage, real–life scenarios from big wave chaser Mark Mathews’ career, personal stories and expert facilitation. Your team works through Set Up, Competition and Big Waves, maneuvering through each changing environment…and continuing to stay “in the curl!” The objective: managing the rapidly changing environment to bring in ROI for investors—your external clients. After each stage, teams receive a ‘checkpoint score’ on their revenue and sponsor satisfaction.

Sea of Change is a Peak Teams’ interactive virtual program, particularly useful for engaging and revitalizing customer orientation and service, promoting cross–group communication and collaboration, and practicing skillful and transformative responses to change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve customer focus and find ways to differentiate
  • Build stronger internal and external networks
  • Enhance teamwork, leadership and change management skills
  • Prepare to execute when the next opportunity arises

Clients Say

“Sea of Change™, with its interactive business related challenges, was brilliant. It was very motivational—in these difficult days it completely took us out of the hard reality of layoffs and the financial crisis and gave us immense inspiration and a new perspective! Through practical examples, this program brought us closer to client relationships and leadership.”

—Director, Global Financial Services Firm, UK