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"Rising to the Challenge" … Mt. Everest Keynote and Workshop

Rising to the Challenge is the inspiring story of Rex Pemberton's climb of Mt Everest at the age of 21. Mixing storytelling with dramatic video, Rex takes the audience on a captivating journey that demonstrates the power of:

  • Compelling goals
  • Self leadership built on passion, drive and commitment
  • Strong support teams

Before he could even step foot on Everest, Rex had to overcome the financial challenge of raising in excess of $100,000 from cynical sponsors. He faced numerous relationship challenges as he sought to find a team he could trust in such a demanding environment.

And then he faced the mental and physical challenges of training and preparing for something bigger than anything he had attempted before.

Not only did Rex overcome these challenges, he leveraged his success on Everest to become the third youngest person in the world to climb the Seven Summits – the highest summit on each continent.

Interactive Workshop on Self Leadership and Support Teams

To further engage the audience and enrich the learning experience, Rex has designed a diagnostic questionnaire that forms part of an interactive workshop on strengthening Self Leadership and Support Teams.

Rising to the Challenge can be delivered as a keynote presentation, workshop or as part of an integrated program of high impact learning.

Clients Say

"Rex? His keynote was simply exceptional. The best I have ever attended." –Panasonic