Team Building Overview

Communication, team dynamics, decision–making, accountability, leadership…where to start? Our exceptional and energetic team building programs open doors to resolving these key concerns…and to accomplishing effective and long–lasting change.

Our creative team building programs help develop engagement, skill, intention and innovation. Participants are motivated to apply new skills and positive behaviors when they actually experience the benefits of those actions. Team members establish authentic connections and support each other’s growth. Relevance and transfer to real–life situations allows skeptics to become full team players, fueled by connection and learning.

Why experiential team building? Synergy’s teambuilding activities create dynamic accelerated learning labs anchored in tangible experience. The effects of our teambuilding programs last much longer than a PowerPoint presentation or a game of bocce ball!

We have programs to meet all your objectives. Choose from organization simulations reflecting the challenges of alignment, collaboration and hierarchy; creative team activities to release fresh insight and innovation; adventure programs to unleash possibilities; our unique Ropes Course to challenge assumptions and develop interdependence; or build corporate social responsibility—one team at a time—with our popular team service learning programs.

Best of all, all of our programs are portable (with the exception of the Challenge Ropes Course). We bring our programs to your location, and we can often recommend tried and true venues in your area. Though based in the Silicon Valley Area, we have and can conduct programs all over North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Give your team the knowledge, tools and insight to enable meaningful change. Each program is effective as a stand-alone or as a building block for your offsite, conference, meeting or Leadership Workshop. Our passion is to design engaging, interactive teambuilding experiences tailored to your group’s goals and challenges. And yes, they will be fun!