Executive Retreats Overview

Leadership Excellence™Overview

Leadership Excellence's experiential wilderness program hones and refines your leadership style in a challenging, complex, and changing arena—the mountain environment. Participants are challenged physically and mentally to sharpen leadership skills, reflect deeply, network, and develop tools and abilities to advance your ability to function as a highly performing executive

Leadership Excellence trains for the qualities that frame and support outstanding, accomplished leadership—not only knowledge of self and one's strengths and liabilities, but also formulating a compelling personal vision. Feedback offers perspective and helps you to identify and develop ongoing leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase awareness of your leadership style and its impact; identify strengths and areas of improvement
  • Hone leadership skills; define and practice team development
  • Renew and reinvigorate personal effectiveness
  • Increase cross–functional and “cross–geo” perspective; explore impact on individuals and teams
  • Develop a personal vision and a strategy to build shared vision with your team

Why the Excellence Approach?

The immediacy of the wilderness environment provides a unique opportunity, a real laboratory for leadership learning. Unique, because it encourages deeper communication and trust. Unparalleled in its ability to inspire personal vision. And unrivaled in energizing and renewing by immersing you in the wild beauty of natural terrain with just the right degree of challenge.

The wilderness offers a reflective distance. During the program, work behaviors are mirrored by challenging circumstances. Honest sweat and straight talk galvanize the learning; coming down from the peak, visioning turns inward. The journey is time away from computers and telephones, time to take stock, to clarify and reset goals, and return from the wilderness refreshed and rejuvenated.

We have conducted Excellence programs in the high Sierra, the desert Southwest, in Europe and New Zealand. As today's organizations are increasingly global, varied locations facilitate an international gathering of executives to network, polish leadership skills and reflect deeply. We engage rustic but comfortable lodges located off the information superhighway, beyond the reach of (most) internets and cell phones.

Our Excellence programs have proven effectiveness as both exclusive leadership courses for executive development, and as a venue for global network retreats.

How Leadership Excellence™ Works—Sample Agenda:

Day One –Welcome


  • Overview and Introductions
  • Assessing leadership in Today’s Environment
  • Fireside Leadership Discussion with key executive
  • Program Schedule and Goals
  • Introduction to Rock Climbing
Day Two – Personal Leadership

Morning Session

  • Pre–Breakfast Morning Walk, Run or Stretch
  • Leadership Discussion
  • Rock climbing – Stretching Boundaries

Afternoon Session

  • Peak Climb Planning and Preparation
  • Hike to Base Camp
  • Trailside Discussion/process breaks
  • Base camp set up

Evening Session

  • Camp Fire Discussion — the message of the mountains
  • Plan for Peak Ascent
Day Three – Developing the Vision

Morning and Afternoon

  • Alpine Start
  • Peak Climb
  • Descent Back to Base Camp
  • Rest and Reflection

Evening Session

  • Solo Experience
  • Personal Visioning
  • Journaling
Day Four – Wrap Up, Application and Re–entry

Morning Session

  • Group Reflection/Celebration
  • Hike Back to Resort
  • Sharing the Vision
  • Re–entry
  • End

Clients Say

“The Excellence program gave me a time and place to go off and think about what I was doing. I also got stuck several times and wondered what the hell was I doing on the side of a big rock. But I came back and found myself rethinking organizational issues in my department. So you might say that I've figuratively and literally been to the mountaintop.”