Workshop on Coaching


Managers need tools to constructively reinforce employees’ positive actions and minimize negative, unproductive behaviors. Too often managers either avoid providing difficult feedback or are ineffective in providing difficult feedback, resulting in loss of productivity, morale and other performance issues.

How it Works

Creative support material is used to enhance and reinforce the journey toward success. This program is 4 hours in length for up to 25 people and can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop or as part of a more in-depth leadership and management development program.

Coaching for Commitment is an interactive workshop that provides front-line to mid-level managers with the ability to inspire, motivate, and align their direct reports through effective feedback. Using a variety of methodologies including video based scenarios, experiential activities, didactic presentations, discussions, role-plays and action planning, this workshop helps managers to navigate one of the most common challenges in leading others.

Learning Outcomes

While highly engaged in the experience, participants gain the following skills:

  • How to make feedback work
  • The process of coaching employees
  • Reinforcing positive actions, minimizing negative
  • The basic guidelines of effective feedback
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Building an action plan for coaching employees
  • What to do when feedback fails