Coaching Overview

What if you operated with full power, focus and intensity at the same time?

You would step up to the challenges of uncertainty, risk and opportunity facing businesses today. You'd be developing a culture of creativity and impact.

How do we develop creative and impactful leaders and teams? By infusing team culture with skills through one-on-one and team coaching, facilitating conversations to pinpoint leadership objectives, and probing to help you determine steps toward courageous actions. Itís not problem solving; you've likely based your career on decisive problem solving. Instead, set your mind to work as a steward of your team's focus and determination.

Coaching workshops are a mixture of interaction, theory, active experimentation and application.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strengthen essential skills of focus, listening and inquiry
  • Develop confidence in your one–on–one coaching skills
  • Learn from each other and from theoretical models
  • Apply your skills in a real–life team dialogue of choice