Leadership Development Overview

We believe that leadership is more of a journey than a destination – that it takes practice and assessment; that it takes action and an ability to pause and reflect; that it requires feedback, openness and vulnerability; that it is a behavior and not a title; and that it is often difficult and also rewarding. At Synergy, we help executives and leaders at every level develop these skills. Clients discover their strengths and unique styles and learn ways to become more effective at leading and driving their organization’s success.

Leaders are generally made, not born. Leadership can be learned. On–the–job training is good, but learning and practicing in a setting that encourages development, trying new approaches and taking intelligent risks is invaluable. Our workshops provide an environment for safe practice, a place to take stock, train, refuel and renew.

Leadership requires practice. Our workshops and programs blend instructional and experiential processes, providing both foundational tools and models to build on and more advanced innovative and visionary leadership practices. We merge the cutting edge with the tried & true.

Today’s leadership requires risk–taking. We frequently use the metaphor of adventure to create challenging problem–solving scenarios that replicate the pressure and constraints of the workplace. Our activities and simulations are energetic, engaging, and provide a rich learning environment for both new and seasoned leaders to grow and improve, accelerate their effectiveness, and navigate economic uncertainty with balance and dexterity.

Leaders need to ignite the spirit and minds of those around them. By building their leadership capabilities, leaders gain strength and confidence, take ownership, and ultimately create an organization with meaning and purpose. These are the leaders who achieve bottom–line results.

Leaders create in their own unit what they want to see embodied in the wider organization. We keep the content and program designs simple and insightful, solicit lots of interaction, and tailor each program to meet the specific needs and larger goals of our clients.