Doing the Math

"One plus one equals three" isn’t bad math—it reflects our belief that people working together can create far greater outcomes than the sum of their individual efforts.

When a collection of smart, trusting and committed individuals come together behind a vision of creating something great, exceptional things happen. People having serious fun together—learning, supporting, challenging and growing—become a powerful force that achieves much more than they can individually.

Our Goals

  • Help organizations move toward their desired future
  • Increase individual, team, and organizational productivity and effectiveness
  • Create sustainable teams that grow and flourish
  • Evoke meaningful conversations that create—and embed—change
  • Enable individuals to see themselves, others, and their world differently

Our Focus

Active learning is not about lectures and arcane theories. It might be a day together outside, climbing cables and ropes to build trust and adaptability, or an indoor virtual mountain climb to craft guiding principles to weather change. It could be producing movies or commercials to develop customer value propositions, or creating a mural to explore the inherent strength in team alignment. It might be an afternoon in a conference room, working with teams and leaders to develop new skills and fresh strategies. Whatever your program design, we focus on incorporating experiences that provide powerful opportunities for self-discovery, team and organizational learning, and improved productivity and effectiveness.